Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hitting A Wall & Test Taking Blues

This semester has felt like running into a brick wall. I have been going to school straight through since last spring without breaks. I am realizing that may help to cut down my overall time in school but it is killing me. I took 2 classes last Spring semester and then transitioned within a week to back-to-back Summer sessions. Then 3 classes in the fall, a J-term class that started the week after Fall finals and Spring 12' semester that overlapped J-term. Phew!

I noticed I have not been enjoying classes at all. I just have two because of the Computer Science class I took over J-term. So, as much as I really want to take summer classes to knock out more of my credits I just think I have to break for a time. I know Scott tells my I have to and my body-mind seems to be telling me the same thing.

With the slow march through Spring semester I have a huge Psychology test today. Of course, being the first of the semester always makes it harder. You don't know what to expect. The professors can give you handouts and study guides, but until you actually sit down and see how they truly set up their tests it's anyones guess. My biggest challenge with this test are the easy questions. Typically I like essay questions because it is easier for me to apply information I am learning then ramble off memorized facts. However, these are 6 extreme easy questions. The depth and amount of information needed in one essay alone is worth 2 pages of single spaced handwritten notes. Uhg!! So it has been a long week of studying and memorizing and praying that I can pass. I am so hard on myself, the idea of getting a B in the class is driving me insane. So far I have a 4.0 average since restarting after all these years and I just can't accept getting a B in Psychology.

Well, we will have to see. All I do now is count down the days to summer break and hopefully I can find a refreshing new start next fall. I know getting an art class back in my schedule will be helpful to reinvigorate me. Now back to studying!