Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Can You Accidentally Bite Your Brothers Head?

Scene: I was occupied in the bathroom. Content with life while all was quiet in the Livin' household.

Then the quiet serenity was broken by a load scream and boys rushing to the bathroom. With a loud bang on the door DK enters with tears streaming down his face and a bright red mark on his forehead resembling teeth marks.

Me:(Very frustrated and disturbed) What is going on and please step out of the bathroom and talk through the door.

DK: Shaggy bit me on the head!!!! (Of course very dramatically)

Me: Shaggy Get Down Here! (Still occupied at the moment)
Enter Stage right into the bathroom Shaggy

Me: Get out of the bathroom and tell me what happened!

Shaggy: We were upstairs and I happened to have my mouth open when DK happen to lean forward. I then swallowed and accidentally bit his head.

Me:What do you mean he leaned forward and you accidentally bit him by swallowing? Shaggy come on here.

Shaggy: It's the truth mom, I didn't know his head was in my mouth and I just closed it and we basically bumped heads and teeth together.

Me:( Trying very hard not to fall off the toilet just yell out the bathroom) Shaggy apologize to DK and DK don't stick your head in your brothers mouth. Now please leave me alone!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Letting Go and Forsaking it All For God

I have had a real stirring in my heart to see more and more in the Body of Christ walking in the fullness of their destiny and identity in Christ. I desire to see each and everyone of us walking in complete freedom from addictions and pain and false identities. I don't want to give up on anyone, even the toughest cookies because believe you me I was one of them. I was the young woman many believed, even those in the Body, would end up on skid row.

But what happens to this vision when you see so many struggling in the same areas in their life year after year. I pray so much about this. I have so many on my heart that I know God has called to be powerhouses in the Kingdom but seem to be stuck. Then someone asked me why did I change while others did not? What was so special about me or why did God choose to work so quickly and powerfully in me while others struggle for years? I sat and thought and prayed about that. I honestly don't count myself as someone special in the fact that what God did for me He can do for all but why isn't it more prodominant in the Body? Then the Lord showed me a picture of a bulldog. Actually my husband and a counselor at church used to refer to me as God's bulldog. I grabbed a hold of Christ and would not let go. The Lord spoke to me about how for so long a would latch on to anything people would throw my way. If they said I was a hopeless mess I would latch unto that and there my identity would be found. If they said you're bulemic then I would latch unto that. In these area's I would find security in my identity. It sounds strange to those who may have never dealt with this before but it is all too true. It's a false sense of security but security none the less.

Some Christians in the Body even latch on to their ministry as their identity or their callings or giftings. It just doesn't have to be something as bad as addictions or pain. Some latch unto their diagnosis. "I'm DID, I am SRA, I am Bipolar, I am OCD" but this only leads to more pain and not life. These things will only pour more poison into your body and not life.Even the giftings and ministry will leave you empty. There is only one thing that will give you life and that's Christ. So why don't we all run and latch unto to Him? Well, fear. We are afraid. We listen to lies that the enemy plants in our life to keep up attached to the pain. "If you leave this you will be nothing, People won't notice or help you if you are no longer...,You will always be...and if you leave you will only come back later." Those are only a few of the lies the enemy throws at us.

I am here to tell you and testify to you that if you listen to the Lord and latch on to Him and forsake everything you will have life and life abundantly. Let Go!!!! Whatever it takes! If you have to smash that computer you search porn on then do it! If you have to leave and seek help even though others around you might judge go and seek it. Don't listen to others or your flesh but listen to the heart of God. I tell you this not as someone looking from the outside in but as one who has been in that very same pit. I had to literally let go of whatever I was latching onto and turn to God. I got a hold of Him and wouldn't let go. It takes you to do this. I can't do this for you and others can't do this for you. Let go of your false identities! They give you no life. Grab a hold of the the Lord and allow Him to show you the treasure you are to Him and so many around you. It's time to let go and grab a hold of God.

As we see our identities in Christ then the amazing and beuatiful creation the Body is meant to be in this dark world will emerge. We will become the Bride without spot and wrinkle. We will shine with light in the darkest hour. You need to make a choice. Continue to hold onto the familiar things in your life that keep you bound and in prison or risk it all and take a hold of the life giver Jesus Christ!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Rocker!!

Rocker turn's 9 tomorrow Jan. 27th but we celebrated his birthday
early on Sat. He was born 9 years ago on my own birthday.

We usually try to pick out some kind of theme for the
birthday so this time it was Mario/Nintendo. We don't
go by what's in the party stores we kind of create
our own party supplies.

It was fun and he enjoyed his day.

Of course brothers had to strut their stuff too!

I am so happy to share my day with such a wonderful son. It is just such a joy and a blessing to have him in our lives. He is one amazing kid!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Treasure Hunts HD - Patricia King

Watch this clip and tell me this doesn't excite you!! For all you CCC and the surrounding church's warriors lets make a date to meet and do our own Treasure Hunt. We will set a date to meet at our house and then roll out!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Shout Outs!

Here we go with some more!!


You are my pioneer woman hero! You and your loving husband have set out with God to go where others in your family dare to go. You follow after God and live to serve Him. Even though you are the first in you family to seek after the Lord you are plowing up the soil for seeds to be sown. Those seeds will not land on infertile ground. The seeds you plant will bare fruit and a mighty harvest will follow. Every rock you remove, every mountain you climb and every wilderness you tame will be fertile ground for you kids and those who follow you. The pioneers had such a difficult task set before them but they reaped such a great blessing as the founders of some of our greatest cities. You are a warrior woman of God.


I know I don't know you as well as I would like but what I do know is that you shine with the Lord's presence. You have built up the Family unit as something worthy. Even though the world around us desecrates the family you and your amazing husband have rebuilt the family and established it as a true blessing from God. You teach others by your ways. You demonstrate the love and depth of God. You help us to usher in the Presence of God. You walk in quiet strength and wisdom. I am honored to know you.

Literary Gourmet
You are an example of the Father's pure joy. You teach us to dance with Him. You teach us to listen for the song and take His hand in ours. You give to others without ever want of return. Your face, your smile literally shines with His presence. It is such a beautiful thing to behold. You show others what it means to be a true daughter of the King, a princess. You have such an abandonment for Jesus. I hope to learn more and more from you as I get to know you better.

I just wanted to encourage you again this year. You have been through alot but I truly admire your strength through it all. Even if you say it's the Lord's strength then I admire you desire to seek the Lord for His help. You have loved when others have rejected it. You have shown God's forgiveness and tenderness in the midst of a great storm. You continue to pursure God's truth. You are a great woman and a wonderful mom. You are a beautiful example of Christ to your boys. Lift your head high and know you are part of a Royal Priesthood, a choosen generation. You are a daughter of the King.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Time For More Shout Outs!!!!

Again I just want to take the time to encourage and uplift the many men and women God has placed in my life. Too many people out there are ready to hand out negative words. So go ahead and join in. Either leave a Shout Out to someone you think needs some love and encouragement or go back to your blog and send out some love there. It's time to build each other up. Encourage each other because this road can get long sometimes and we need a good cheerleader now and again.

Another Piece of The Puzzle
I have been so blessed to know you guys since the very beginnings of our time at CCC. We have walked a long road as friends but my love and admiration for you only grows. As much as you have been through as a mom you are simply amazing to me. Your dedication and love for Little Guy is breathtaking at times. You are a tremendous writer and have a great gift at sharing and connecting with so many moms out there who need to hear your heart. I love that even though you walked the beginning stages of motherhood alone at times without knowing all that was going on you now freely give back to other moms and make sure they don't make this journey on their own. I so honor you! Truly an amazing woman of God.

Beautiful Grace
Your Blog names says it all. You are filled with such grace and beauty that only comes from knowing who you are in Christ. You are an awesome example of a Women after God's own heart. You draw near to hear His heartbeat and then tell others of what you heard. I have loved gleaming wisdom from you as you are a mighty mom of two Godly Men. You share your heart, your wisdom and your love so freely. I have been blessed to know you through the cyberworld but even greater blessed to know you personally through church. Your love of the Father shines so brightly. All the world will see you and know His love.

Classic Mama
I love your dramatic flare! Your love of life! You encourge and uplift everyone you come into contact with. People leave your presence full and loved. You are a mighty woman of God. You have such wisdom about you too. A deep wisdom like a well of Life springing up from within your being. You do have the teaching gift. You teach us so much of God's soverinty. You make us laugh and you teach us to live. I love you dearly my friend, my sister.

Krazy Klingers
You have been a delight to get to know and you just make me want to know you more. I love your heart for your family. I love watching you and your sister. You know what it means to love. You are full of life and that's exactly how God made you to be. You can easily draw people near because of your exuberance and laughter. You have a heart for others and it shows. You are compassionate and kind. Your desire for more of God pours out of you and you become contagious making others around desire more of God too. You are not just a "fun" person but an amazingly beautiful and wonderful woman. People are drawn to you because of who God made you to be. You are perfect just the way you are!!

My dear sister. You have taught me so much. You have brought to our family so much. You are creative and fun and encouraging. I have learned how to be a sister because of you. I have learned to trust again and to love again. You opened my heart back up to the idea of "family". You are an answer to prayer. I love watching the Lord work through you because most of the time I don't think you notice. :) He does it a lot!! You have so much to offer this world. You are a great mamma and wonderful friend to all who know you. You have a great desire to see people whole and set free and living in the fullness of their destiny. I am so very blessed to have you in my life!

You are my mom! You have taught me to live agian. You have a deep love and devotion for God that spills right out of you. That's a good thing! You just let the Holy Spirit splash out onto everyone you come into contact with. You are a mom to so many! I love it! I want to adopt one day and you have showed me what true adoption/grafting means. You see others and awaken their destinies. You don't let others stay in the prisons the enemy has mad for them but as a devil kickn' mama you go in with swords a blazing and free the captives. You see what others cannot in the wounded. You see the potential in others and speak only life into their spirits. I love you dearly and hope that I can be like you one day. A fiery woman of God!!!

Stay Tuned..............

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update On The Jeans

I now have 30 pairs of jeans!! Yahooo! I just got
a call yesterday that more are on there way. 
As you can see I have a great variety of color. This will turn 
out even better with the color variations. I am sooooo
excited to start on this. I am finishing up another little funky
hat and then begin to plan out my warp.
The Lord has been downloading so much to me about this
project I am anxiously waiting to share with you all. But 
I need to finish it first.
So if you still have any jeans continue to send them
over. I can be a continued source of getting rid of 
your old jeans, jeans shirts, skirts, jackets. I plan on 
making some cool denim rugs too.
Thanks so much everyone for your help. Soon I will
get to share with you the significance of your participation!!!
For other projects I have been working on go to GlamourHippie.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Pollination is a necessary step in the sexual reproduction of flowering plants, resulting in the production of offspring that are genetically diverse. It is important in horticulture and agriculture, because fruiting is dependent on fertilisation, which is the end result of pollination.
When the Lord dropped it in my heart to help mom's of all ages and women in general to connect at our church in a creative way He began to speak specifically about pollination. Above is a dictionary definition of the word. We are starting an endeavor at our church called Community Connections. Out of my passion for arts, specifically fiber arts we are gathering women every Tues for two months for fellowship and learning new skills or crafts. Each month we will feature a specific craft/skill for instance knitting, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making and so on. We are asking for those with great experience and those who have always wanted to try but have never started yet to join us.

This is where I heard the Lord begin to speak to me about pollination. We will then give are creations away to bless others, helping women to connect heart-to-heart to their communities. The picture the Lord gave me was when I was younger about 9 or 10 and my brother and I were in Bee 4-H. Yes, we raised two hives of bees. We would learn all about bees and honey at our 4-H meetings and then collect the honey and honey comb for our final projects. It was so much fun.

Any way, I remember learning about the importance that bees played in pollinating our local agricultural community. We lived between corn fields, dairy farms and orchards. Without the help of the bees carrying pollen from one plant to another the fields and orchards would be barren. No fruit. Quickly the Lord laid it upon my heart that He wants the church to do the same. Pollinate! We keep very strict ministry lines within our churches. Youth Ministry happens over here with these few folks and Alter Ministry happens over here. It's rare to see ministries inter mingling. Lately we have seen a great out pouring of churches connecting with one another and the Lord spoke to me that we are still neglecting to pollinate within our own Body of believers. The fruit is not producing because we are not pollinating. We are fruitless plants until the Holy Spirit in us AKA the bees can help take the pollen from one ministry to another.

I also saw this with our spiritual gifts. The Lord showed me that when we keep gifting's to ourselves we do not allow pollination to happen within our own spirits. To pollinate a gift one simply needs to get with other members of the Body and work as one. Flow together in unity. If I work with someone who is prophetic then my Mercy heart will cross pollinate with the prophetic gift and vise versa. Think about the potential! I just saw so much friut falling from the trees because the branches could no longer hold it all.

So what do you do when you get a word like that? Do you march into the leadership of your congregation and tell them we need to change everything now? Well, for me I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do. How was I to fit in this picture? Then He gave me the vision to use this Tue. morning time to cross pollinate. In February we will be learning to knit and crochet hats and scarves that will be then given to our Streets Ministry to hand out while they are ministering. Next month maybe we can learn some basic sweing and make small blankets to be given to our Visitation Ministry. There they can give them to the Neo-natal unit at a local hospital to cover the incubators. Can you imagine turning these little craft projects into prayer cloths? So we are going to start small and start pollinating in the spirit. It's been a heaviness on my heart to see this happen and a joy to see it come into fruition.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What Do You Do When You Are Weird & You Know It?

The other day it dawned on me how strange I must appear to everyone around me. I am weird, I openly admit it. I weave, do artsy strange things. I also dress weird. Yesterday it hit me about how others perceive me. I was walking to the van to drive to the bus stop when I looked at my reflection in the van door. Here I was in my camo knit pants that I mainly ware to sleep in but occasionally ware around the house. I had on my fuzzy slippers, a sweatshirt with a polar vest over it and toting my knitting bag. Wow, it made me jump.

I don't dress like everyone else, I kind of have my own sense of style. I march to a different beat. I have this sinking suspicion that I will be the mom who goes to pick up her kids at school and they will be like "Is that your mom dude?" "Oh no, that's my aunt twice removed from my dad's second uncle." So what do you do? I have always been weird. I was Cowgirl Rodeo queen when it wasn't cool. I was Science Fair winner when that wasn't cool. I was weaving and spinning my own wool when that wasn't cool (now it is!). God made me unique and a bit odd for a reason. I would some day like to know why but for now knowing He created me to be this way will have to do. Maybe I just bring a smile to His face with my crazy ideas and fashion ensembles.

 I don't know but it's hard because as much as I have wanted to change myself to fit more into society I realize I don't want to change. I like me and I like being weird. So I ask you the question what do you do when you are weird and you know it? Do you feel like you fit in this world or do you feel like an outsider? If you are different do you want to change or like how God made you? I think it would be one dull world without us weirdo's, don't you! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wow!! Did you know?

I just looked and I have successfully completed an entire year of blogging. I started at the end of Dec. 2007 and now we have entered into Jan 2009. On top of that I started another blog Glamour Hippie and contribute once and a great while over at Created and Called.

How wild is that!

I think I might have become a blog-aholic.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here Wii Go!!

Well, I decided to jump on the weight lose bandwagon. My goal is to lose between 10-15 lbs. but mainly to feel good again. I realized walking up and down the stairs at church I was sadly out of breath and I have three active boys to keep up with. Technically my BMI is in the healthy range but I don't feel comfortable in my clothes. So my goal was set for a 2 month period on the Wii Fit.

Here is my BMI chart. I have already lost 2 lbs in a two and a
half week workout routine. Although the Wii is constantly reminding 
me that 2 lbs is deceiving since your body gains and loses 1-2 lbs
a day for natural purposes. That cheeky little devil of a machine.

So I am going to try. I do like working out and this program
has really helped me stay dedicated as I start my third week.
It even threw virtual confetti over the screen for congratulating
me for keeping up for three weeks. Lets see what next week has
in store.

One Of Those Days

Warning: This is a girly post!

Last night I was hit with some really bad pain. By 12pm I realized I had a full blown UTI. I am prone to these and get 2-3 a year. We prayed and it seemed to be healed, then at 2 am it came back harder then before. So I arose this morning with a two hour school delay and called the Dr.'s. The only opening today was at 8:30am and it was 8:05am. The boys had to be at school at 9:30am and we had not had breakfast yet.

So I looked at the clock, looked at the boys and said "Sure I can be there in 20 minutes." Uhhggg! What was I thinking. Probably not thinking about much other then the pain at that point. So I race get everyone dressed, grab book bags, call the school to let them know they might be late and race out the door. Then I realized my van is frozen. So in the rain I start the van and chip the ice off. Now I am down to 10 minutes left and the office is about 15 minutes away. 

So I hurry but not too much because of the roads. Thankfully we make it on time but as I pull up I see my gas light go on. I drop that in the back of my mind and race in. The boys have been inquiring the whole time about what a UTI is. Nothing is sacred in my life. It's just one open book for these 4 men in my life. So then we go back to the doctors office. The boys asked a million and one questions that I just didn't have the patience to answer but some how did. The doctor was shocked when he came in to find me with three boys. He asked if I wanted to send them outside but I just smiled and replied "Unless you need me to strip, their fine." I think my answer took him by surprise. He just said "That's not necessary" and went on with the process. After a few pokes and prods I was out and back in the van.

Now the boys remind me they hadn't had breakfast yet. I look at my gas tank and pray. We run down the road and find a McDonalds. I pull up and order. You would have thought Christmas came twice for the boys. They were so thrilled to get breakfast at McDonalds. I grab the bags at the window and toss the boys their meals then run to the gas station. Finally we reached the school before the second bell and scoot them across the icy street and into their warm school. 

I am back now after going to the store and getting a prescription. Now I am nursing a sprained ankle to after I flopped myself down on the sidewalk trying to get our neighbors trash cans from out of the road. Oh brother, it's just been one of those days. By the way does anyone have any natural health remedies for preventing UTI's? I saw a couple at the store but didn't know if any of them worked. I really need help in this area.