Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Blessing

This blessing is just too amazing not to here goes!

Two weeks ago I had surgery. We had been planning to visit my Knight's family from up-state NY over Thanksgiving way before the surgery was scheduled. But when push came to shove the surgery date could only be scheduled two weeks before Thanksgiving. I kept thinking "I'll be OK. I can make it." Unfortunately, I just wasn't really thinking straight. By this past weekend I realized I would be in a good deal of pain still and traveling 7 hours would be very difficult. We didn't know what to do. We kept flip-flopping back and forth about going, not going. It was so hard because we didn't want to hurt his family's feelings and it has been almost two years since we went up to visit.

Tuesday came along and we still did not have a definitive answer yet. Then we received an email. It was from my Director at Teaching The Word Ministry. He was explaining to me about a project he would like me to take on in regards to my internship. At the end of the email he typed the word "Caution". Underneath that he wrote telling us he felt the Lord strongly caution us about traveling over Thanksgiving and urged us not to go. Well, with a word like that from a man of God like him you just got to listen. So we made the hard decision of not going.

The kids were sad and so were Scott's family but we were going to manage through it all. Scott called his parents Wed. night to tell them the news. They took the situation well but Scott's dad was very upset that we would not have a real turkey dinner and a real Thanksgiving. I that point we didn't care. I was sore and Scott was tired and we were just going to throw Chicken Nuggets in the oven. Hey, they are still in the whole poultry family. : )

Not 5 minutes later did we get a call from dear friends of ours. They were calling to ask to bring us a meal on Thanksgiving. We felt terrible to accept their offer because we didn't want them to have to bring us a meal on Thanksgiving, they would be busy with their own family. They assured us they wanted to bless us in this way so we accepted. What transpired the next morning is still bringing tears to my eyes as I type this morning.

We heard a knock on our door Thursday morning (not early probably 10am or so). It was the whole family. They had coolers and boxes and oodles of food for us. Not only was it a meal but a whole Thanksgiving spread. All we had to do is put it in the oven. Scott and I were blown away. Then they also so blessed us with company. They had a family event later that afternoon but still took their time and hung out with us for a while. You just don't know how much that meant to our boys. They really were missing family this holiday and hanging out with their family filled that need in their heart.

After they headed out we set the table and just couldn't stop crying and thanking the Father for His love and theirs. When we ate as a family the boys and us all just remarked over and over and over again how good our Heavenly Father is. This family was truly God's hands and hearts to us. In obedience to the Lord by not traveling He totally blew us away and took care of our needs. The greatest part of this testimony was Scott calling his parents that evening. He told them all about what happened and they (who we are not sure where they are with the Lord) were in all that God would do that. They kept saying "You guys must have some heavenly connections we don't have."

So not only was this a tremendous blessing to our family but it was also a mighty testimony for Scott's family and may just be the seeds planted in their hearts to turn them back to God.

God Is So Good!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Off To Surgery

I am off this morning for some outpatient surgery. Oh yay!! (Add highly sarcastic tone here) Nothing serious, it's not open heart surgery or anything but I am not looking forward to it. They said about two weeks of recovery. So I might not be blogging for a while. I will be in bed most of the day so trying to get to my computer will not be easy.

Hopefully I can start posting about the Special Delivery soon. Maybe I will get it during my recovery time. If you think of me today I would appreciate some prayers. I am a little nervous.

Take care everyone!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Smile in the Midst of Sickness

DK now is sick. He has been running a fever of 104-102 for the last two days. Last night he started throwing up and I had the night time shift so Scott could make it to work in the morning. Nothing gets you up and running out of a dead sleep like the sound of a puking child.

Anyway, my Knight let me sleep in while he took the other two to the bus stop.

Then a little while later I heard...

very quietly "Mommmmm, hey Mommmmm"

When my eyes finally popped opened I saw my poor, pale white DK standing by my bed smiling. It was quite the sight. I then heard him say "I puked in the toilet all by myself. You didn't have to help me. I didn't even miss." Still smiling ear to ear, still pale and sickly.

He was so proud of himself. I just had to chuckle.

He asked for "his soda" which is Ginger Ale because no one else can drink it during flu season except the sick person. While getting him Ginger Ale he proceeded to ask me what could he eat. Here was his list...

DK "Can I have a banana, is that good for my stomach?"

Me"No honey, not good."

DK "Can I have cereal, is that OK for my stomach?"

Me "Nope not good either."

DK "Can I have fudge?"

I smiled and brought him a piece of toast and Ginger Ale. I could see the disappointment on his face but he started to cheer up when the soda made him burp. He told me he likes to burp when he's sick it makes him feel better. With that he ate his toast slowly turning it into as many Letters and Numbers as he could with each bite.

I need a few smiles in the midst of flu season. This will carry me through more puking and clean-up. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Guess Rocker Was Paying Attention To The Sermon

I found this on a piece of paper he brought home today. Taken from an in classroom school assignment Rocker was given yesterday. The assignment was to write an answer to "What would you do with $100"

Rocker wrote:

I would give $10 to church because you should give a tenth for offering. I would give the rest to the poor and let the poor do what ever they wanted except drugs. NO DRUGS!!!!!!!!! I would then give $10 to my mom and dad so we could buy groceries.

The teacher wrote Very Nice!!

Hopefully she does not think we can't afford groceries.:) I love that boys heart. He is a giver. He would give you the shirt off his back if he saw you needed it. But more important he sure did pay attention to the sermon in service even with a guest speaker.

It made me smile. I wonder what the teacher really thought. She is not a believer. That's Ok though we are already know as "That Family". :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things

This past weekend I was sharing with my Knight about some frustrations I was having about being a parent. I felt a little judged by some individuals and I began entertaining thoughts of failure. "Maybe they are right and I am way off." " Maybe they truly do know how to raise my kids better then me." You know what I mean. If you have been a parent for even a few hours you probably have thought similar notions.

After a few minutes of my whining at the table with my Knight Shaggy popped into the conversation. This is what he said...

"Mom don't worry we trust your judgement for us."

I know that was a short sentence but those few words hit my heart like a rocket hitting the moon. My children at 11, 9 & 7 trust my judgement regarding them. Even better they trust me. Wow! I almost cried and gave Shaggy a big hug. What was most profound is knowing I never was able to convey that to my own parents because frankly I could not trust their judgement. I was put in harms way so many times by them that I could not trust at all. Now for my children to say they trusted me was sooooo huge.

You know all those generational curses and stuff you break off your life and your kids lives as they grow? I felt like I just witnesses a piece of fruit from that because no one in my family line has ever trusted their parents. I mean no one. My grandmother's mother left her at 16 to live on her own with her 3 other sisters. My mom faced a hard life, her mother worked so much of her early life and saw her father pass away at 19. You can see history repeating itself over and over again.

Now I see the breaking off of that and the amazing fruit budding from being set free. I am so glad I found Jesus and that I can live free from those curses that only brought death and sorrow to our family heritage. God Is So Good!! I receive every good thing the Lord has to give us as a family!!