Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of my nephews on my Knights side. I got to hold him all weekend long. He just smiled 24/7. His 4 year old brother Devan is a cutie too. He ran with the big dogs (his older cousins) all week. They are the cutest kids. For some reason my Knight didn't snap any of Devan just Bryan. I think maybe Devan was preoccupied with his cousins. Oooooooo, it just makes me want another one. Even the poopy diapers and the three times he puked on me didn't faze me. Got to love those cheeks and rolls!

I'll have to take some more pictures next time. My Knight and I have 7 nephews & 1 niece on his side. All together there are 11 grandchildren and counting!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

For The Husbands Out There

Just a FYI to all the guys out there in cyber world there is a new blog site for the Men's Groups of Christ Community Church. It is part of the Men's Ministry. This site will have weekly devotionals, guest authors, group highlights and information regarding Men's Ministry of CCC. Go check it out and see how you can get involved in this new movement in Men's Ministry. Check it out at Sons Of Destiny!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Karate Kids the Movie

Just a snipet of the boys at Karate class. Makes a mama proud!! I love them!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

I am a huge dreamer. I dream not just every night but many times a night. During our School of Ministry this year we had a Pastor come and speak about dreams and interpretations of dreams. She took us through the Bible and showed us time and time again how the Lord speaks to His people through dreams and night visions. She challenged us all to record our dreams and ask the Lord to speak to us about them. I can't even really share everything she taught us because it wouldn't even do it justice.

One thing that really spoke to me was the idea God was trying to get my attention even while I was sleeping. I was amazed that the Heavenly Father wanted to talk and meet with me even at night. Wow! I have successfully been keeping up with my dreams and writing them down and seeking out His wisdom about them. The wild thing is I started praying for my boys to have dreams and they all are.

Well, last night I had two dreams. Wild, crazy ones. When I awoke from them Shaggy was standing at our bedroom door asking to come in. He too had two dreams. He explained his dreams as being bad dreams and they were the same exact dream. He told me he woke up from the first dream went back to sleep and had the same dream again. Apparently that dream has some importance or urgency to it.

But what do they mean? We had a great discussion at breakfast this morning about our dreams although I am not sure we have the full interpretation of them. I love including the boys in it. One of my dreams was about how we had to burn down our home. We threw gasoline in on the garage floor and lit it. The house was not consumed but the fire was consuming everything in it. Shaggy right away suggested that maybe something in our lives needs to be burned away by the Lord, like a cleansing. I am reminded of the Bible referring to God's consuming fire and how many times it is referred to as a purifier. Hmmmm. My other dream had to do with me carrying six babies. By carrying I mean I was pregnant with six babies. Right away the Lord told me it had to do with my calling, purpose, destiny. I was going to be birthing something in the Spirit but it was going to be big, multi-faceted. My Knights also added he felt it had to do with my capacity to carry God's love for others. My body may be stretched but my heart is always beg enough. Hmmmmm.

So now I need to really hear the Lord. Shaggy's dreams were defiantly a warning about something. He and Rocker were sleeping on our Kitchen floor when a white ferret attacked them. Shaggy tried killing it but it wouldn't die. I believe we need to spend some time today asking God for His revelation. Something is happening in the heavenlies and we need to be ready for it.

Do you dream? Are you a dreamer? Ask the Lord tonight for Him to speak to you while you sleep. Write it down in the morning and then seek Him about the meaning. You might be surprised about how much the Father loves to speak to His kids even in their dreams.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Karate Kids

The boys take part in The Carpenters Hands Karate Class at our
church. They meet once a week for class. This past Monday was
their belt test. Rocker & Shaggy tested for their yellow belt.
It is a great experience and it is all Christ centered beginning
and ending in prayer. You can see the boys praying there
before the test started.

DK is also in the class but we did not have him test for his
belt yet. I don't think he has the patience yet.

Receiving the belts!

I am so proud of my boys even DK who puts his whole heart into this. Yes, these aren't ballet pictures but with all boys I get to show off Karate shots. They are teaching me the moves also. I know how to do an inside crescent kick and front knuckle punches!!! Look out world Drama Mama is learning Karate!!! Hi-ya!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Mosaic of Me

This is a cool Meme I saw over at Comfy Denim's place and loved it so here goes.

It's actually a meme that answers these questions:
1. What is your name? Rebecca
2. What is your favorite food? New Favorite is Sushi. Love It!!
3. What is your hometown? This is a beautiful River close to our home in Central Pa.
4. What is your favorite color? I don't have a favorite either. I love all colors especially in respect to God's use of color in nature.
5. What is your favorite movie? I have so many but Lord of The Rings Trilogy has to be the top.
6. What is your favorite drink? Coffee of course, especially latte's.
7. What is your dream vacation? - Alaska on an extreme vacation.
8. What is your favorite dessert? Tiramasu...again with the coffee thing.
9. What is one word to describe yourself? Adventurous, daring(Oops, that's two)
10. How are you feeling right now? Thoughtful, introvert (there I go again with two words)
11. What do you love most in the world? Being a daughter to the King of Heaven & Earth
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? Warrior for Christ

So that's the meme - here are the directions for how to - I am not going to tag since this takes a bit of effort, so please try it if you want too --- it was fun!

- Go to Google image search.
- Type in your answer to each question below.
- Choose a picture from the first three pages.
- Save the URL links for all your images. You'll need these.
- Use this website (http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php) to make your collage.
- Save the image for use in this note
- Post and tag 10 people plus me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drama Mama & No Coffee

I have been trying to come off of coffee and apparently I am a little snappy or so says my family. They said I remind them off a crocodile. I have the appearance of a smile but if you get to close watch out I might take your head off.

Facing Transition

At our church we keep hearing the Pastoral community tell us as a Body we are going through transition, be prepared. I didn't like transition during any of my births. I remember that time period very distinctly. Your are tired from labor and you think you have experienced all the pain your body could handle and then whamo, you hit transition. Looking back I should have taken that as a sign things were almost done. I was at the turning point in the birthing process. It was the climax but because of the battle that ensued before it emotionally and physically I was spent. I just wasn't thinking straight. Within a mere 1/2 hour of transition each of my boys burst forth into this world.

That's where I am right now with the Lord. I am in transition. I am uncomfortable with where I am but it doesn't seem to me like I am moving forward either. Just like giving birth you can't always see what's going on behind the scenes or I should say I didn't want to. One nurse asked if I wanted a mirror to see what was going on down there. I looked at her as if she had three heads and replied "There is a reason God put my head up here instead of down there, no thanks."

Last night my Knight helped me walk out more transition. Like he did during each birth he coached me along. We prayed through my pain and discomfort. He helped me find my focus point which of course is Jesus. In giving birth you are encouraged to find a focal point to help you not become so overwhelmed by the pain. Last night I needed that same thing.

I found out a lot about myself last night in the midst of the pain and discomfort. I found out why I don't like to be alone all day by myself and why I have such a hard time making decisions on my own. Do you know it was all because of experiences from my past. The Lord showed up and spoke truth and brought peace back into my life where anxiety and stress wanted to deposit themselves. I remember when I held my husbands hands during labor and he spoke the truth to me about the birthing process, the pain was a little easier and the discomfort became bearable. He would tell me it was going to be OK and that this would soon be over. God did the same thing last night. My healing came but the discomfort is still there. It's because I am transitioning into something new. I know it will be breaking forth soon. I have rounded the corner and now I am at the climax. What's coming? I honestly don't know but I know it is breakthrough. All of this wrestling is preparation for what's to come. Our labor is difficult as women but I also think it prepares us for motherhood. Motherhood isn't easy. We will battle, feel pain, be put in difficult situations and risk our lives for our children. The birthing process helps us to see God gave us the strength and the ability to make it through. This process is showing me that through Christ I can do it, whatever He has planed for me.

So now I head off to seek His face. I want to focus on Him and not lose sight in the midst of the transition. What is it you want me to learn through this Father? So are any of you going through transition of any type? Have you ever been here before? If you can share please feel free. You might just have a golden nuget from the Lord about your transition that could help others who are facing their time of transition.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Funny DK Quote

DK is home again today from being sick. At Breakfast with just the two of us he pipes up with this cutie.

DK: "Mommy did you have dideo (video) games when you were alive?"

Me: "Ummmm, yes I had video games when I was alive, I think I am still alive."

DK: "No I mean did you have a Wii or DS when you were alive?"

Apparently with little sleep, no make-up and my hair looking a little whack-a-doodle this morning I must look more dead then alive. That's OK he is just following in Mama's footsteps. When I was his age I asked my grandfather who fought in WWII did he die in the war. It must be something in my genes. :) Hopefully next time you see me I will be looking a little more alive!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DK Asks Jesus Into His Heart!

It's been a prayer of mine since each of the boys were born that they would give their hearts to Jesus and that my Knight and I would be a part of that. The two older ones gave their hearts to Jesus separately when they were 4 & 5. We have never pushed just always asked the Lord to prompt their own spirit to want to know Him more. On Monday March 2, 2009 after a discussion about scripture we were reading DK asked me "Is my name written in God's book in heaven?" I said "Yes when you ask Jesus to be Lord and Saviour in your life." He smiled and told me he wanted to do that. So with Rocker and Shaggy watching DK repeated after me a salvation prayer. We always write the day down in their Bibles after they pray but for some reason we couldn't find DK's Bible that afternoon. We had to run out to Karate that evening so I just put it in the back of my mind we would find it the next day. My husband said later that night after checking in on the boys while they were sleeping DK had found his Bible and fell asleep with it in is arms. That just makes me cry. :)

The next morning he rushed down got his Bible and made sure I wrote it in there for him. It is one of the greatest moments in parenting. I may have never led anyone else yet in a salvation prayer but to me I have led the three most important people in my life to Christ. That is worth it all to me. God is so good!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sometimes You Have to Let Go Of A Dream To Get The Promise

How many times have we expected God to answer a prayer in a certain way and in a certain time? I know we can all say it has happened at least once in our life possibly more times? This past month has been difficult for me. I have faced a huge disappointment and wanted to be angry about it. I know the Lord promised us He would provide for us but I just placed my dreams on God and was angry when He didn't fulfill them. His promise and my dreams or expectations are completely different things. Some times we can line our dreams up with the Lords promises but I jumped the gun and just assumed they were one and the same.

I had three dreams (these being actually night visions) this past week that just moved me to pray in earnest for the Lord's interpretation. I started to get some of the interpretation early this past week but didn't like the direction it was going so I stopped listening and praying. I know it sounds so shallow but it is the truth. I couldn't believe God would be telling me my dream isn't lining up with His promise. No! I believed my dream was His promise. So He sent me two more dreams. Actually sitting here thinking about it the Holy Spirit just revealed to me that each of my dreams this past week had to do with this issue. They were each very different but now I can see the common thread. Isn't it silly and sad how each night before I went to bed I asked God to speak to me at night in my dreams and then when I woke up I just shrugged it off as pizza or the devil. Surely that wasn't God! Oh how wrong I was.

I realized late Sunday afternoon after a dream had been crushed that I was holding onto His promise to me but only allowing Him to answer His promise through the way I wanted it answered. I had a dream (or ideal I should say not a night vision kind of thing) how it would come to pass. Was it wrong? No, I don't think God was saying my way was wrong it just wasn't His way. In the end I submitted to Him my hopes, expectations and dreams. I replaced my hope back in knowing Christ is Lord of my life and not in my promise from the Lord. I gave Him my expectations and laid hold of His ways. It took a long hard battle to be at peace. How long ago could I have given this over to Him and had this same peace months ago? But as the Lord shows me time and time again at least I learn so much in these wrestling matches and I don't go back there again. I learn my lesson well. :)

So are there things in your life you know are a promise from the Father but are waiting on Him to answer it through your expectations and dreams? We hinder Him so much by placing our own ideas of how He should work in our life. Sometimes I believe we actually cause the promise to be delayed because of this very thing. Let me give you example by sharing with you one of my dreams...
"My three boys and I were eating dinner in our dinning room. A friend comes up to our house and drops off a box. She is in a hurry and rushed. The box is for a new Flat screen TV. I notice right away the box is mangled even though I know it's new. We are all excited. The boys rush over to open it up. Inside is not a flat screen TV but an old fashion TV. We are all very sad and disappointed. My husband comes home and he sees the TV and loves it and is so excited."

The Lord shared this with me, "The dinner table is where we pray the most for this promise of ours. Our friend who dropped off the box had delivered once before an opportunity that the Lord was trying to show us how He was going to answer our prayers. It wasn't what we were specifically praying for but I believe now it was the Lord speaking to us. The box was new. It was God's promise being fulfilled but it was mangled because our prayers were mangling the Lord's answer. We were praying and standing for His promise but only praying and interceding by how we thought the Lord should answer it. It was literally inhibiting what the Lord could do. He is not an invasive God and will not usurp our will. He wants us to come along side of Him. We mangled the box. I believe that we saw this old fashion TV because our eyes were blinded. I believe it really contained the real thing in their but our expectations blinded us to His answer. My husband could see it because he actually has felt this and been praying this for some time now. My boys were being influenced by my pain and expectations."

Does that all make sense? The other dreams were very different in nature but had the same thread running through each of them. At one point in the dream I saw my self damaging our marriage. What I thought was the Lord warning me about the enemy attacking our marriage was the Lord revealing how my expectations and hopes were coming between even my husband and I. I was also allowing this to get in the way of my relationship with the Lord.

Yes, I have issues. :) Thankfully the Lord is faithful to deal with them with me. So now I am back on track and walking with the Lord and not pushing against Him. Just to let you in on a little secret it is a lot easier to walk with Him then push against Him. We are seeing things really fall into place now that things are straightened out. Sometimes you will have to let go of your dreams to allow the Lord to fulfill His promises to you. It is hard and hurts a little but all worth it in the end when you know how much His promise means to you and how much He loves you.