Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art Class 2011

This was a Ink Wash I had to do. I choose a
Georgia O'Keefe painting as my inspiration and used sea shells my boys collected from a trip we took to Myrtle Beach two years ago.

These four pictures were my Final Project for the class. I choose Interiors as my subject and Charcoal as my medium. I was blessed as a great friend of ours allowed me to use their house as my interior.

This was my first interior I attempted in class.

The class was very intense and demanding but I learned a lot, as it was my first classical drawing class. I was challenge by the teacher constantly, not always in a positive way, but it led me to improving with each day. I was so glad to have taken this class. I have more portraits but they are figure drawings of nude models so I will just keep them to myself. I would not want to post them without the approval of the models so they will just have to stay in my portfolio. I am really hoping to move on to painting next semester. We will see how things go.

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