Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Psychology 110

Last night's hour drive to class allowed for much pondering. The afternoon was a mad dash to get the boys homework finished and wrapped up, and then getting dinner in the oven before heading out the door. There is a half hour segment of time where my oldest son, Shaggy, holds down the fort until my husband arrives from work adding to the already building anxiety.

All that time driving left me feeling guilting about being a mom and a student. Am I doing the right thing? Am I abandoning my kids? Other moms just stay home and I am off finishing my education; am I a bad mom? Lovely thoughts like these bounced around my brain as I sat staring at the highway speeding by in front of me.

The night class schedule is new to me. I have been able to take classes while the boys are in school or online up until now. This semester I had to take two night classes and I can feel the guilt they are producing in me. I just have to reassure myself that this is a good thing for our entire family and it is a positive experience for my kids to see that education is important.

The class itself is a mixed bag of traditional students and Adult Education Program majors. The young kids in the class just talked about the dumbest things. All I heard last night was about horses and the the course load these kids have. Believe me as a mom returning to school they have nothing to complain about. I wish my only concern was how to fit riding classes into my study schedule.

*Just a little side note Wilson College has an equestrian program and veterinarian program so lots of the students who live on campus work with the horses to some degree.

So back to the class, the professor is a very typical Psychology Professor. I have had three Psych classes now and each prof seems to be the same: not personable or approachable and gruff. I have been really spoiled by nice profs so far, except for an Art professor last semester but I would have to explain her in an entire post by itself.

My drive home consisted of getting a phone call from my kids telling me goodnight and wanting to hear my voice before bed. It's strange to leave a class after learning about Freud and Phineas Gage and then hear you kids telling you all about The Biggest Loser and what I missed at home. I feel like I am straddling two worlds; a mom and a student. You never fully leave one or the other but carefully try to balance all the plates so they keep spinning and don't fall down.

Today will consist of exercising, finishing up my J-Term class that overlapped with my Spring Semester, and preparing for another afternoon and evening of running around as I head to my Education class tonight at a local High School. I just have to keep looking at the larger picture and the end goal. I will post some of my pictures from my Art class I took last semester. I was hoping to add a minor to my major in Art Studio but we will have to see if I can fit that all in to my already bursting schedule.

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